Commercial Pest Control
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Commercial Pest Control

Whatever your requirements, we offer commercial pest control to a range of businesses throughout Cornwall, Brighton and East Sussex. We offer numerous control services for a range of pest problems, from wasps and flies to mice and rats. Our team of technicians are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with these problems, so you can rely on us to get your property or site safe and complying with industry standards. As well as providing commercial services, we also offer useful advice for prevention and can set up regular visits to your property. We have monthly, quarterly and annual contract schemes to suit any needs.

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Looking For An Exterminator?

If you need an exterminator for your office, hotel, restaurant, shop, care facilities or other commercial space, make us your first call. Our services include:

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Wasps cause a number of problems and disruptions in your business. We can effectively deal with and remove wasp nests for a very competitive price.
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Rodents are a big risk especially for companies dealing with food, as they pose health and safety threats. We can resolve these issues no matter the type of premises.
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Flies and Crawling Insects

In addition, we can also remove flies and crawling insects from your building using the best methods, treatments and screens.
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Bird Control

Birds often spread diseases and cause damage to buildings, so we can eradicate these problems and also prevent birds from returning.
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Meeting Industry Standards

We understand the importance of meeting industry standards and certifications at all times. With our team, we assure that you are in the best possible hands, as we provide comprehensive services that remove and also prevent pests. All of our services can also be tailored to comply with food regulations, principally for food producers and manufacturers.

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