Commercial Pest Control
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Pest Control for your Commercial Premises

Commercial pest control is important for hotels, restaurants, garages and many other businesses in order to keep their customers and staff safe and their premises hygienic. We offer our services to a variety of businesses through the whole of Cornwall, Brighton & East Sussex. Our control services cover a range of pest problems from wasps & flies to rats and mice. 

Our fully qualified team of pest removal technicians are experienced in controlling these problems for the best possible outcome. You can be sure that you can rely on us to get your commercial property back to safe, compliant conditions within the industry standards. Our service packages cover monthly, quarterly and yearly options as well as very useful preventative services and advice that include regular visits and checks of your premises.

Why choose us?

Our team of professional technicians have many years of experience behind them to make sure that your pest control problem is gone, giving you a safe and healthy work environment.


Looking for an exterminator?

If your business requires an exterminator we can help facilitate the most common pest removal in commercial properties. It is important that you safeguard your premises and your reputation by having our pest control team come in and solve your pest problem.

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Wasps not only pose a danger to someone's health through a nasty sting, they can also spread germs & diseases and in some cases contaminate food. As well as removing wasps from your premises we can also advise and offer deterrents to prevent the issue happening again.
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Our expert pest control team has years of experience dealing with rodent infestations such as rats, mice, squirrels and moles. Along with removing rodents from your business, our fully qualified pest control team of technicians can offer reliable proofing to deter them from returning. View our rodent control page for more information.
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Flies and Crawling Insects

Flying & crawling insects pose a danger to your health as they tend to spread diseases. It’s best to get these types of pests removed as fast as possible due to the rate in which they spread. Contact us as soon as possible to assist you with this issue. View our insect control page for information about the various insects we deal with.
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Bird Control

From pigeons to seagulls we have various solutions for removing birds causing you and your business a nuisance. Our pest control team will be able to remove, manage and prevent birds being an issue for you in the future. For more information view our bird control page.
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Meeting Industry Standards

We know how important it is to meet industry standards and have the most up to date certifications to be able to conduct our services properly and efficiently. Our pest control team is fully qualified with the latest accreditations meaning you can rest easy knowing your restaurant, hotel or shop is in the safest possible hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pest control services can vary depending on what issue you are dealing with. Our experienced advisors can assist you with the best possible options, making sure your business is pest free as fast as possible.

Our commercial pest control services are competitively priced and cover the Brighton and Falmouth areas. Give us a call for our experienced technicians to advise the best possible solutions.

Generally an exterminator is required when there is a pest problem at your commercial premises. To make sure your building and your company’s reputation isn’t damaged by a pest problem it is best to have one of our pest control technicians visit to assess the issue and advise the best possible action.

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