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Insects & Bugs
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Insect control

Are you suffering from an insect infestation? We offer professional insect control services at competitive prices. Using the best methods and techniques, we can rid you from all kinds of insects including bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, moths, silverfish, woodlice and wasps. To arrange reliable pest control services that work, contact Terminate Pest Control today.
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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most dreaded types of insect problem. Cockroaches transmit diseases, harbour viruses and pose a great risk to health and safety. Whether you are suffering from a cockroach invasion at home or within your business, contact us for fast and effective treatment to eliminate them.

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Bed Bug Treatments

The thought of bed bugs is enough to make your skin crawl. Bed bugs mainly come out from hiding at night and suck blood which can cause painful sores and inflammation. Tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation include bites and brown marks deposited on bedding.

Bed bugs retreat to cracks in furniture and walls, inner parts of mattresses and anywhere else where they can find cover. We offer effective bed bug extermination services. To arrange a technician, call us today.

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Get Rid of Flies

Flies spread disease, cause annoyance and their breeding results in maggots. If you need to get rid of flies fast, contact us for a fast response. We can terminate flies from both commercial and residential properties, and we guarantee results.

Our fly control services meet rigorous health and safety regulations, so for complete peace of mind, contact Terminate Pest Control today.

Flea Treatment

Fleas will bite humans if their main animal host is not present. Usually introduced to a property via a cat or dog, they breed quickly and can become out of control easily.

We offer tried and tested flea treatments that will deal with the problem fast. Our flea treatments are far more effective than high street brands. We use a spray that will kill fleas instantly and stop the infestation in its tracks. If you suspect a flea problem, we advise getting it addressed as soon as possible to avoid it spreading throughout your home or business.

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Get Rid of Ants

If you have ants within your home or business, it is likely they have found a food source that is encouraging more and more ants to invade your property. Removing the food source can help, but by then chances are they may have nested within the wall voids or close by which can cause recurrent invasions.

If you need to get rid of ants, call us for ant control treatments that deliver instant results. Our control solutions include ant bait, ant spray and insecticides to eliminate stray ants and ant nests.

Moth Control

Moths can cause extensive damage to your clothing, carpets and soft furnishings. If you suspect you have a moth problem that is spiralling out of control, contact us for moth control and prevention services that work. Our moth control techniques offer the best results and we ensure your home or business is not disrupted when carrying out the treatment. Our methods include dry steam treatments combined with the appropriate insecticide.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish thrive in damp areas and feed on substances such as bookbinding glue, textiles, powdered foods and leather goods. They can cause damage and hide in cracks within a building including window and door frames. If you find your property is overrun with silverfish, call us for effective services at competitive prices.


If you are searching for a way to get rid of woodlice, speak to the experts at Terminate Pest Control. Woodlice thrive in damp conditions, so you may notice more woodlice in the colder months. They feed on leaves, rotting wood and mould. They tend to lurk in voids within a building on the ground floor that suits their preferred damp conditions.

If you are suffering from a woodlice invasion, we can provide effective control solutions to exterminate them. Furthermore, we offer professional advice on how to prevent a recurrent infestation.

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Wasp Removal

Wasp infestations are unpleasant and can pose a risk to health and safety. As well as the risk of being stung, wasps can spread germs and diseases and contaminate food.

If you have a wasp problem and require wasp removal services, contact us for professional wasp control. As well as removing wasp nests, we can provide deterrents. In addition, we can also assist with hornet removal services.

Hire a Pest Control Technician

To hire a pest control technician for insect control, contact us today. Our services are competitively priced, and we aim to deliver our services with minimal disruption to your home or business.