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Got a question about pest control? Our FAQs offer answers to some of the most common questions concerning pests.


Can You Kill Them?

No, except in exceptional circumstances where they are a direct threat to public health and safety. A government licence must be applied for.

Nests and eggs may be removed in the interest of public health & protection under a general licence.

(currently (2019) under review). This can only be carried out if other, non-lethal means have been tried first, e.g. proofing, scaring)


Can You Kill Them?

They can be killed, and nests removed under general licence, and only if non-lethal means have been tried first.

Do They Carry Disease?

Yes, they usually live in crowded conditions, nesting & living in their own droppings. They can transfer Salmonella, Campylobacter and a host of other bacteria, to humans. Pigeons can actually harbour more diseases than rats!


Why do I have fleas; I have no pets?

Fleas can lay dormant in a vacant property. If you have recently moved in there could be an infestation already there.  They can also be ‘dropped off’ by visiting animals or transferred to your home on clothing if you have been anywhere with an infestation.

Do I Need To Move Out For A Flea Treatment?

No, in fact, the opposite.  You do have to be out of the property during the treatment and until the treatment has dried on the floors, but once it is dry it is important to have movement in the property to stimulate the eggs to hatch and come into contact with the insecticide.


Will They Go Away On Their Own?

Not if they have shelter and there is a food and water source nearby. This may not necessarily be on your own property. They will travel some distance for food.

I Feed The Birds, Should I Stop?

Yes, certainly until the infestation is eradicated. If you feed the birds, but put feeders on a smooth pole, in an open area away from hedges etc. Clean up any spillage on the floor daily.


What Harm Can They Do?

They urinate and defecate on surfaces they walk on, contaminating the area. One mouse will pass up to 80 droppings a day! They also chew cables and pipes which can cause electrical problems and flooding.

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