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Will Climate Change Make It Harder To Control Pests?

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Temperature and weather conditions can have a significant effect on the ability to control pests in your area. As a result, a change in climate could affect population numbers, or bring in new, invasive species that may require unconventional pest control measures. As our planet changes with the impact of human industry, you may be wondering how it could affect the insects, rodents, and the general pests we battle within the UK. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers regarding this topic.

What Is Climate Change?

Climate change is the phrase used to describe a shift in our planet’s weather and temperature over the long term. These changes are not always man-made, and over the billions of years that our planet has existed, there have been many instances of climate change. Some of them are severe, such as the ice age, and some of them are more subtle, like the impact of human beings. Regardless, these fluctuations can have a knock-on effect on our ecosystem. As a result, we may start seeing an increase or decrease in the population density of pests, and the need to control them.

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How Will Extreme Temperatures Affect Pest Populations?

It can be difficult to predict what the effect of climate change will be on pest populations. However, it’s important to consider the overwintering pests. These species look for warmth in the cold winter months. If we start seeing warmer winters in the UK, then populations may increase but are less likely to infest our property. Alternatively, we could start seeing more infestations in our home if the temperature drops, and therefore a higher need for pest control measures. This will be due to a more inhospitable environment for them outside.

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Will A Change In Climate Bring More Pests?

Not necessarily. Pests are accustomed to certain environments and without significant changes, it’s unlikely we’ll see a large influx of foreign pests invading the UK any time soon. However, the Royal Horticultural Society’s research into potential new pests does highlight cause for concern. Fungi such as Phytophthora are spreading more virulently, and new insect species have increased in the UK over the past 15 years. There may not necessarily be more species popping up, but low-risk pests such as cockroaches could start to survive better in our changing climate.

Could Global Warming Reduce The Number Of Pests To Control?

Yes, global warming could reduce the number of pests in the UK. A large proportion of them are conditioned to our mild temperatures and weather. If the heat in the summer increases, and winters get colder, it could result in less of the population surviving the harsher conditions.

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