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What Happens If Food Business Gets A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice

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Pests in your food premises and business could and often does get the business shut down under a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice. As the business owner, what measures can you take to prevent this from happening and destroying your business?

You must have adequate pest control in restaurants and other food premises, and this is a legal requirement. It is governed by various food hygiene regulations and must be taken very seriously indeed. Inspections are carried out by your local authority Environmental Health Inspectors. They work within the guidelines laid down by the Food Standards Agency.

However, if these strict hygiene standards are not met, the food and the business may be declared unsafe and this could result in your business being closed temporarily or even for good. Closure of your business due to pest problems could lose you money obviously and it could also risk immense damage to the reputation of your food business. Therefore, your business needs to show that it always has adequate pest control in place.

Pests In Food Premises

The three groups of pests that are usually a problem to food premises are:

  • Rodents – rats and mice.
  • Insects – cockroaches, beetles, ants and flies; and
  • Birds – pigeons, etc.

What Are The Food And Hygiene Regulations

The business owner is responsible for ensuring that there are appropriate arrangements in place to prevent pests from entering the premises. The layout, design, construction and size of food premises all play a role in meeting food hygiene standards.

Inadequate or no commercial pest control policies can lead to:

  • Contamination of raw food materials
  • Lost revenue to your business
  • Loss of talented staff
  • Possible high fines and charges
  • Loss of trust within the local community

Does Your Food And Drink Business Have A Pest Problem?

If you are concerned that your premises may be at risk, it is advisable to act immediately. Terminate Pest Control advises the following procedures:

  • Close the food preparation, storage and service areas immediately.
  • Call a reputable pest control company to carry out a survey and any necessary treatments.
  • Dispose of the contaminated food and stock.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all equipment.
  • Store all food off the floor in sealed and air tight containers.
  • Carry out a visual inspection to ensure that there are no holes or gaps under doors and that windows all have a pest screen to prevent any pests access.

Pest Control Contract

It is always a good idea to have a commercial pest control contract for food premises so that you ensure the best possible protection from pests. As a result, a pest control contract will help to minimise the risk of your premises receiving a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice.

Commercial Pest Control

Whatever your requirements, we offer commercial pest control to a range of businesses throughout Cornwall, Brighton and East Sussex. We offer numerous control services for a range of pest problems, from wasps and flies to mice and rats. Our team of technicians are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with these problems, so you can rely on us to get your property or site safe and complying with industry standards. As well as providing commercial services, we also offer useful advice for prevention and can set up regular visits to your property. We have monthly, quarterly and annual contract schemes to suit any needs.

For our affordable and reliable services, get in touch with us today.