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Do You Have Fleas In Your House

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Whether you have pets or not, fleas can make their way into your house. We are going to show you the signs and how to deal with these biting pests. Fleas can live away from a host for 3-4months and should they be present in the grass of your garden, then they could hitch a lift into your home. This is where an infestation can take hold. So, do you have fleas in your house?

What You Need To Know About Fleas

Fleas on average take around 1-6 days to hatch, this is all dependent on warm conditions. So, in a warm home they can multiply much quicker. As we have said above, they can happily live away from a host for an extended time period, just waiting for a lift to their next home. Their bites can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, can transmit disease. By treating the problem when you first notice it will go a long way to combating the issue.

How To Ensure Fleas Do not Take Hold

Should you not have pets, there are some simple steps to keep in mind when trying to combat fleas.

• Regularly vacuum your home.
• Clean bed linen regularly.
• Try to avoid high grass where you could pick fleas up.
• If you notice any signs of fleas, contact Terminate Pest Control as soon as possible.

If you have pets in your home, there are few added steps you can take.
• Check your pets for fleas regularly.
• Undertake a regular flea’s treatment for your pets.
• Ensure all their bedding is regularly cleaned and treated.

Flea Treatment Brighton

If fleas have taken hold in your home or business, contact us for flea treatment in Brighton. Our experts can advise and treat any pest control situation. We provide both domestic and commercial service for your local area. Call Terminate Pest Control today.