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Pest Control Falmouth

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Finding effective pest control in Falmouth can seem daunting but having a great company that can handle everything from bugs, rodents to seagulls, for both domestic and business properties, is all so important. We are that company, here at Terminate pests we have many years of experience in dealing with pests, with humane pest control techniques. Providing our customers with the knowledge and services to combat them.

Humane Pest Control

Using humane pest control has become very popular in the past few years, after all the pests are only following their nature. In many ways, humane pest control is used to deter pests from being a continued nuisance. For example, ensuring any access point into your home or outbuildings are sealed, so no rodents or other pests can make their way into your home.

It’s all about going on the defence but in cases were the pest have gotten out of hand, it is time to call in the professional. We have worked for many years to help clients have effective pest control procedures in place.

How Do You Deter Seagulls

Now, keeping seagulls under control is a task no one like to think of, especially in coastal town like Falmouth. They are everywhere and they do become pests quickly. Especially for businesses that rely on regular custom, such as food or hospitality. Your customers be bothered by diving birds whilst they are eating is never a good thing.

One of the best ways to keep them under control is to ensure any food source are kept to minimum. Any bins around your business should be well sealer, if you limit any possible food sources they will soon move on. Places for them to nest or perch also need to be kept in check. Once a regular nest point has been found, more will start to arrive. Any high a level roof tops should have a pest control system in place, contact Terminate Pests and our experienced staff will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Pest Control Solutions Falmouth

Contact Terminate Pests for all your pest control solutions in Falmouth. We cover all types of pest control for domestic and commercial properties. Our experience team work with our clients to get an effective pest control system in place.