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Why Can Birds Be Considered Pests Cornwall

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Birds are everywhere and although they can usually be harmless, give them a ready food source & a sheltered nesting site and what was a collection of a few birds will soon become a colony. Birds carry a variety of diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli that are transmitted not only through their droppings but through the birds themselves. This is when birds can start to become a pest and a pest control service is required.

Who Can Manage Bird Control

Although all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, there are in specific exemptions covering certain species and control be certain methods. These licenses, the General License, can only be issued by Natural England (other authorities throughout the other countries of the UK) This can only be carried out by professional pest controllers.

Bird Prevention with Pest Control

Bird prevention is a highly specialized area of pest control, which requires specialist equipment & tools. Population reduction is used can be used but it can be an ineffective, so a process called proofing is a more commonly used technique.

Bird proofing is where a food source is removed or blocking of access to a nesting site, so the birds are unable roost there. This can include the use of netting, barriers, spikes and wire, that has a majority effect. These methods however are less effective after a period.

Bird Control Cornwall

If you are struggling with bird infestations and require bird control, contact our experts at Terminate Pest Control today. From pigeons to seagulls, we offer various solutions to manage and eliminate a range of birds and prevent future infestations. Our pest control services are competitively priced, so get in touch with us today for our pest control solutions throughout Cornwall.