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Mole Problems Cornwall

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Here at Terminate Pest Control, we are experts in identifying moles Cornwall and have advice on how to clear them from your worries. We’ll also explain the difference between moles and voles as they are commonly mistaken. Be sure to call us today for more information or if you need our professional help.

What Do Moles Look Like

We often get asked ‘what do moles look like?’ as voles commonly get mistaken for moles. They appear to have no eyes or as if their eyes are closed, as well as a tall head and long snout. Their feet are larger than voles and are flat to help them with digging, these are quite distinguishable features.

Voles on the other hand have sprouting ears, a long tail, visible eyes and are a lot smaller. It’s easy to mistake them for mice as they are almost identical, only they have much larger teeth.

Both rodents make piled of dirt appear in your garden but die to the size difference, molehills are a lot larger and leave a hole behind, whereas voles don’t. Moles are insectivores as opposed to voles who are herbivores, so if you notice your plants are getting nibbles, it’s not moles you are dealing with.

Mole Control In Cornwall

When it comes to mole control, this can be a tricky task. They can burrow very far underground and probably be nesting down there to have babies. If this is the case, you’ll start to see them appear more in spring when they leave their burrows, and so this is the best time to call experts like us at Terminate Pest Control. We will help you solve any infestation or even small problems you’re having, simply call our professional team.

Although, even though they seem to have gone, they can come back and there is only one way to ensuring this never happens. Getting your garden dug out to install a small wall around the perimeter of the grassed area has been the best solution. Granted, this may not be an option for everyone due to the cost and hassle.

Terminate Pest Control Cornwall

For professional help with pests, be sure to call us at Terminate Pest Control and we’ll get the job done. Whether you require our services or just need advice, our team will be happy to assist you in any way we can.