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How To Deal With Wasp Nest Removal

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If you’ve been noticing more and more wasps in your home, or on your property, then it may be a sign you need professional removal services. Wasps are aggressive and pose a danger to the health of those with allergies. What’s more, even if you aren’t allergic, a high frequency of wasp stings can still be a severe risk. Therefore, it’s important to leave wasp removal to professionals. To help you to understand the appropriate process, we’ve put this step-by-step guide together for you.

Step One: Find The Nest

First of all, you should find the nest. It’s important to note that if you’re not comfortable with this, then you should contact a professional wasp removal service straight away to locate the hive for you. However, if you’d like to identify it before you call a pest control contractor, then this can be done by following the wasps. As their numbers increase, you’ll be able to tell if you’re getting closer. It’s essential not to get too close, or to agitate the insects, otherwise, you could end up getting stung. If you’re allergic to wasps, then you should leave this to a friend, family member or professional.

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Step Two: Identify The Insect

The next step is to identify if this nest belongs to a wasp, and whether it needs removal. It’s easy to mistake wasps for bees. If you’ve misidentified a swarming bee colony, then the process of removal is different. Bees are beneficial to the ecosystem, and if they swarm from a local hive, a professional apiarist needs to capture and rehome them, so they can continue to do their good work.


Step Three: Keep Pets & Children Away

Pets and children often don’t understand the risk that a colony of wasps can pose. Once you’ve located and identified the nest, it’s essential to keep your children and pets far away. Often, neither have been stung by a wasp in their life and may not know if they’re allergic.


Step Four: Leave The Nest Alone

Now that you know where the wasp nest is and need removal, you may be tempted to tackle it yourself. Under no circumstances should you risk getting swarmed by wasps. The health complications can be severe and may result in harm to others, too. There’s a reason professional pest control services exist, and it’s to keep you, your family and the public safe and infestation free.

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Step Five: Contact A Professional Pest Control Service

The final step in the process is to call in the professionals for wasp removal. They’ll be equipped with all the tools and experience to safely and efficiently remove all nests and insects from your property without harming the residents. If the nest is in your home and causing an immediate threat, then a conscientious contractor will likely arrive as soon as possible to help.

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Get In Touch With Terminate Pest Control For Wasp Removal

At Terminate Pest Control, we’re certified, knowledgeable and armed with the right equipment to tackle wasp nest removal. If you need help with an infestation in your home, get in touch with one of our experts today.