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Giant Rats And How To Keep Them Out Of Your Home

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Giant ‘ultra-rats’ are coming to your home this autumn.

Big rat

These exceedingly large rats are coming to you after the long, hot summer that we’ve just had. This, and plenty of food, adds up to the perfect breeding conditions for rats. Now, as winter approaches, they will be looking for somewhere warm and sheltered. Namely, your house.

So, how do you keep these giant rats out of your home?

Remove Any Source Of Food Or Water For Rats

Remove any potential food sources from your garden. This includes fallen fruit, nuts, and seeds. Keep your compost bin tightly closed and don’t leave any open sources of water available.

Rat sitting on exposed rubbish bag

Bird Feeders/Baths

Rat Drinking from bird bath

If you’ve been pulling in the birds with feeders and bird baths, make sure that these cannot be accessed by rats.

A steady source of food is the exact kind of incentive a rat needs to make your house a home.

Pet Food

If you have pets, make sure that their food, both in the packet and in the bowl, remains safe from rats. Keep the packets in cupboards, preferably elevated, and make sure that it is only your pet that is eating food out of the bowl.

Rat Stealing Pet Food

Leaks, Dripping Garden Taps, Water Butts

Leaky tap
A rat needs water to live and they are very good at finding it. Their source of water could be anything from a leaky pipe to a dripping garden tap. Check your home for any sources of water that a rat could use and cut them off from it.

Stop Rats From Entering Your Home

‘Don’t let them inside’ might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to rats. However, there are many ways that a rat can get inside your home:

Doors and Windows

Door left ajar

Most of the time, rats don’t enter through the front door. They find their way in through cracks and holes in your home. Whether this is a hole in the roof or a crack in the wall, it’s all the same to a rat. A leaky roof isn’t just a mild inconvenience, it is a potential source of entry for an infestation.


Your chimney is the biggest hole in your roof, and it’s not one people usually think to fix. Hearth fires have fallen out of popular use in the UK with the advent of central heating. However, those chimneys are still there and are prime real estate for rats. If your home has a chimney that is going unused, consider having it professionally treated to prevent pests.

Old Chimney

What If Rats Are Already Inside Your Home?

If the worst happens and you suspect that rats have already made their way into your home, then it’s time to call an exterminator. An exterminator will treat your home, purging it of vermin.

It is vital that you do this as soon as you suspect that your home has a rat infestation. Rats bite through drywall and wiring regularly and, with enough time, seriously undermine the integrity of your home. Even more importantly, rats are a massive health risk. On their own, they increase the risk of Leptospirosis, but they are carriers of many types of disease. This means that anything a rat may have picked up on its journey to your home could end up infecting you.

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Contact Terminate Pest Control For Rat Extermination Services In Cornwall And Brighton

If you suspect that rats of any size have made their way into your home, don’t hesitate to call Terminate Pest Control. We offer professional and humane rat extermination services across Cornwall and Brighton at competitive prices. Protect your home and health. Contact us today!