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You Don’t Want Mice In Your Home

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We think of mice as harmless little sweet creatures, but they can be just as destructive and spread disease as well as rats can. Protecting our homes from them is key to preventing any harm coming to our homes and protect our families from illness. Find out why you don’t want mice in your home.

Risk Of Fire And Property Damage

Mice, like every other rodent, chew constantly to keep their teeth down. They will bite into most things, this includes furniture, marble, chipboard, and wires. The last of list can cause broken wires to become a safety hazard and there is an increased chance of fire starting from this point.

Mice Can Damage Your Building Too

As stated above, mice with chew anything and they don’t stop at the structure that holds up your home. Then will even chew through concrete! At least making their best effort. They can have a costly effect on the structural integrity of your home.

Food Contamination

Mice will eat most things they can get their teeth on and contaminating your food will not stop them. Food can become contaminated by their droppings and urine; this can be a major health risk and result in illness. They literally leave a trail of bacteria wherever they go.

Prevent Other Pests

Mice bring other pests in with them. From ticks to fleas & mites. So, by controlling their entry into your home, you are keeping the chance of other pests away.

Rodent Control Cornwall

You have found out why you don’t want mice in your home. So, if you require rodent control, do not delay, and get in touch for our affordable services today. At Terminate Pest Control, we have years of experience in effectively dealing with rats, mice, squirrels, and moles. Our team of fully qualified technicians can remove rodents and offer reliable proofing to deter them from returning. With our two branches located in Cornwall and Brighton, we can react quickly to your pest problem. So, if you need our professional pest control services, get in contact with us today.