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Why Pest Control Is So Important: World Pest Day

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Since 2017, the pest control control industry has celebrated World Pest Day in an effort to raise awareness for the industry and its importance in helping to prevent the spread of diseases and protecting public health. World Pest Day on June 6th is a great chance to educate people on the importance of dealing with various pests and how pest control helps to prevent dangerous illnesses from spreading.

Pest control is an umbrella term that encompasses the management and removal of many different pests that could affect your home or commercial premises. As pests can relate to anything from ant & cockroach infestations to rodents and birds, our pest control teams are trained in pest control for any wildlife that may be considered ‘undesirable’.

Many of these pests can carry very serious diseases that are harmful to humans which makes our job as pest controllers even more vital to reduce the spread of very harmful illnesses. Typically pests cause issues in one of the following areas; human health, food storage or property damage.

Managing Pests For Human Health

Unfortunately, many of the pests we have to deal with on a daily basis are notorious for carrying and transmitting diseases and harmful bacteria, making them extremely harmful to human health. These can include rodents such as rats and often birds like pigeons can carry disease.

As highly trained pest controllers in Cornwall & the Southwest we are experienced with managing the threat these pests create using the latest techniques and equipment to aid us. As well as rodents, fleas, ticks and other insects can cause serious illnesses to which is why if you are experiencing any sign of an infestation that you call us as soon as possible.

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Without pest control measures in place, a commercial building or home can become a serious health risk to the occupants of that building. If you see an infestation of any kind or are worried about particular pests then call our team of experts so we can advise you on the best options.

Food & Pest Control

Pests, especially rodents can be a big nuisance to your home and are often responsible for spoiling your food supply. Whilst very important to ensure that your home is mouse, rat and rodent free, these pests are responsible yearly for significant damages to food supplies in warehouses and industrial properties. Recent events have thrown zoonotic diseases into the media more than ever before which is why pest control is so vital to ensuring that disease through pests does not contaminate our food supplies.

When dealing with rodents and other pests it is important to ensure that your food & cookware hasn’t been contaminated as this can cause the spread of foodborne illnesses. Pest control is a major priority in the food industry to ensure the safety of the food we eat.

Protecting Properties From Pests

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No one likes the thought of insects, rodents and other pests in their home or business. One of the most common calls we get is about infestations in homes around Cornwall and the South West. Often pest infestations differ depending on the time of year, for example; during the summer months, it’s more common to see ants indoors, mostly looking for food and other resources. Whereas during the winter, some insects and rodents will look to find shelter from the elements or damp environments to live in.

As highly trained pest control technicians we are trained in identifying and managing pest infestations to both remove the issue and make sure that the chances of pests returning are minimised for the future.

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On June 6th, World Pest Control Day looks to educate people on the importance of managing pest problems around your property, whether that is your home or a commercial building such as an office or warehouse. If you believe there is a pest problem nearby then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to assist you. From wasp nests to rats and birds our team will be able to deal with any pest problem you might have. Call us to find out more about our services.