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What Insects Are Hidden In Your Firewood

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As the winter sets in and colder weather approaches most people will be stocking up on firewood ready for the cold haul. And with nights getting colder as well, there is nothing better than lighting the log burner in the evenings to keep warm. However, have you considered what insects you might be bringing into your home with your innocent firewood?

Insects In Firewood

Firewood can and does harbour spiders, carpenter ants, beetles and other nasty creepy crawlies. Most of these insects hibernate in the winter thankfully, but when they are brought indoors in the firewood and tinder, the dryness and warmth of our homes can deceive them into thinking spring has suddenly arrived. So, as a result, these insects become active and can be a bit of a nuisance.

Firewood that has been acquired from dead trees are likely to be home to an array of wood-boring beetles or woodworm. Once in your home, the warmer temperatures can activate the larvae and cause a serious insect problem. Left to their own devices they will happily move into hardwood floors, furniture, windowsills and other household structures and furnishings, causing significant damage.

How To Store Firewood To Avoid Pests:

Split and then stack the wood into neat piles that are well covered and kept at least 8 inches off the ground and in piles no more than six feet tall.
Keep it dry! The drier the wood, the less hospitable is it to pests.
Store the logs in a way that makes it easy to rotate so the oldest, driest logs get used first.
If storing the firewood indoors, bring in just enough firewood for e day, and leave the rest stored outdoors.
Shake the logs or knock them together outside to dislodge any insects before bringing the firewood inside.
Know where your firewood came from – avoid purchasing firewood that may be from dead trees.

What Are The Signs Of Firewood Infestation

Look for exit holes as this could be an indicator of wood-boring beetles.
“Frass” – or fine powdery sawdust to you and me – is a strong clue of a beetle infestation.

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