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The Signs Of Bed Bugs

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We all hate the idea of bed bugs. You may not see them but you with feel the effects of them within time and dealing with the can seem daunting. With a professional expert, you can have them dealt with in a shorter time than you think. Recognising the signs of bed bugs will help you to get rid of the little bugs.

Why Are Bed Bugs A Problem

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans, but their bites are painful. Bed bugs feed on blood and their bites are itchy raised bumps on the skin, by scratching it can lead to secondary infections and in some cases, people can have a severe reaction to their bites.

Do I Have Bed Bugs

Your will see small signs that bed bugs may be present in your home and if you do contact your local bed bug treatment professional: –
• Small spots of blood on your sheets & mattress
• Dark stains on your bed could be a sign of bed bug excretion
• You spot bed bugs. Bed Bugs are small, disc shaped and tan or light brown colour
• Shedding skin. Bed bugs have 5 stages of development and at each stage they shed their exoskeleton.
• The most common sign is when you start to notice their bites. They are mainly on your neck, arms, legs, and hands.

Bed Bug Treatment Cornwall

If you think you may have bed bugs, it’s time to contact the professional to get them dealt with. Bed bugs will hide out during the day and be mostly active at night. Contact a professional bed bug service in Cornwall today and one of our trained technicians will come access the situation and effectively exterminate the issue.

If you are not sure and need to ask any questions, please do contact us we will be able to answer any questions you have and give you comprehensive advice.