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Mole Control | How To Manage Moles In Your Garden This Summer

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The summer of 2023 in the UK has been a bit disappointing for many. Wetter weather usually means less time to enjoy the outdoors. It can also mean that moles, who are more active in wetter seasons, are creating chaos in your garden. As a result, mole control is in demand this summer.

What’s The Problem With Moles?

Moles can cause a lot of damage because they dig almost constantly. They’re able to tunnel at rapid speeds, creating around 4 metres of damage every hour. This tunnelling can cause a lot of damage to roots, as well as lawns, golf courses and gardens.

Why Do Moles Dig?

Moles have terrible eyesight. They also have a weak sense of smell. This leaves them to rely on their sense of touch. Because moles are carnivorous creatures that feed on worms and larvae, they dig a lot of holes to find and catch their prey. Moles actually need to eat quite a lot to survive – around half of their bodyweight each day. This is why they dig so much and cause so much destruction to gardens.

mole burrowing through ground

What Methods Can You Use For Mole Control?

The most effective way to control a mole is to trap it. Moles need to be contained in special traps that they can’t dig their way out of. It’s best to get a professional to place these, as moles can be very particular. The traps need to be placed and set up correctly, without leaving human scent behind. Mole control traps are much less effective when they smell like human hands.

Mole caught in a bucket

Is Mole Control Necessary?

No. Moles aren’t a danger, but they can destroy gardens quickly. If you want to keep your lawn looking pristine, mole control will be necessary. They won’t go away on their own unless they run out of food. If your grounds are particularly fertile with lost of tasty worms and grubs, the moles will continue to dig up your garden indefinitely.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Mole Control?

You’re unlikely to see the moles if you allow them to stay on your lawn. Their presence is usually indicated by mole hills appearing every so often. For those who aren’t bothered by the appearance of mole hills, there’s no harm in allowing them to remain put. In fact, their digging can help to aerate your soil, which makes it healthier and more fertile.

For Mole Control Services, Call Terminate Pest Control Today

Our team of pest control experts can catch a mole and rid your garden of pests. Although these little critters are cute and can be rather useful, we understand that not everyone is a fan of having their lawn dug up. If you’ve got mole hills in your garden and want the professionals to come in and deal with them, give us a call today.