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Seasonal Pests Cornwall

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While you’re wanting to enjoy the summer sun, there are seasonal pests Cornwall that sometimes make this a little difficult for you. Terminate Pest Control have put together some of the more common British pests you’ll see around these times, so you know what to look out for. If you require our services to get rid of any of these unwanted guests, be sure to call us.

Cornwall Birds

The two most common Cornish birds that seem to show their face more in summer months are seagulls. As people start leaving their homes more to enjoy an ice cream in the sun, these birds become even more on an enemy when they swoop down to steal your desserts. Because of this, young children often are in the firing line and can get scratched or bitten. Pigeons also like to steal your snacks when you’re not looking but are better known for nesting in unwanted places.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with seagulls, you must be very careful as they are protected. The best way to make sure birds don’t bother you is to prevent them from getting to you in the first place, hide your snacks or install netting and spikes around places they often nest.

Common Insects

A few common insects you’ll notice more in summer are Box Tree Caterpillars and flying ants. If you have a bit of a green thumb and enjoy growing your own vegetables, The Box Tree Caterpillar is your worst enemy. Their favourite place to be is in your plant pot which is why they known to be such a pest. This is nothing a bit of insect repellent can’t solve, however be sure to remember to put it down before it’s too late!

Flying ants are a very annoying insect to appear in warmer months and when they do, they come in their hundreds of thousands! Although they are harmless, they can be a very big nuisance if they find their way into your home. Be sure to close windows or install a mesh net to give them no opportunity to enter. If they do, spraying them with antibacterial soap to dehydrate them.

Rat Problems Cornwall

At any time of the year, you can experience rat problems in Cornwall, however they come in larger groups in summer. The heat can make uncollected rubbish smell horrible for us but delightful for rats which draws them to your home or business.

We recommend putting out traps around your bins as well as staying on top of changing them, so an infestation doesn’t break out. If this does happen, we will be sure to clear the problem as quickly as we can, simply call us.

Flying Pests

We’ve all been in the situation where were trying to relax but flying pests are buzzing around your head and landing on you. Wasps, bees and hornets all carry a nasty sting which no one wants to be on the receiving end of but if you stay calm around them you should be fine. You can also invest in repellent spray or use candles which deter them away from your home, however they are no harm unless provoked.

Mosquitos bites, like hornets, can be very dangerous so they must be treated properly if you get one. With increasing temperatures over the years, bigger and deadlier species may integrate into the UK so it’s important to stay alert and protected when these are around.

Terminate Pest Control Cornwall

We hope that we at Terminate Pest Control have opened your eyes to the most common seasonal pests Cornwall. If you are experiencing any issues with any kind of pest, not just the ones we’ve mentioned, be sure to contact us today to get the problem sorted. Our team ensure infestations or even smaller issues are dealt with properly and professionally.