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Seagull Problems Cornwall

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Many of us have experienced seagull problems in Cornwall either as a visitor, business or living there.

Are Seagulls Protected?

Seagulls, like all other birds, are protected. This means that you must be careful when trying to rid them from your property. It is against the law to kill or trap them, as well as removing their nests during nesting season. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do once they have made home on your premises is to wait for them to go, however you can do things to deter them before they arrive.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are unsightly and pose a health and safety and fire hazard risk. Extensive bird droppings can also lower the value of a property. Birds inhabit roofs and loft areas and their acidic droppings not only pose a health risk but can also damage buildings. Birds nesting also pose fire risks if situated near chimneys or electrical devices. Here at Terminate Pest Control, we deal with all issues related to bird infestations.

Seagull Pest Control

You must be careful when it comes to methods of seagull pest control due to them being protected birds. It’s important to act before they start nesting early in January, else you’ll have to wait until they leave on their own accord.

Netting is a commonly used solution as it also protects from other unwanted animals. These are normally installed above roofs or around balcony areas, although people often don’t do this as they don’t like how it looks. Alternatively, you can install spikes on top of surfaces where you don’t want them to land and this has the same affect. Spinning bird scarers are also affective as it tricks the birds into thinking it isn’t safe to nest in that area.

Terminate Pest Control

If you have already got nesting birds on your premise, don’t take matters into your own hands, call a local expert or us at Terminate Pest Control. We will do our best to scare off the birds without breaking any laws or harming the birds. Give our helpful and experienced team today for more information on the services we offer.