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Here at Terminate Pest Control, we have expert solutions for getting rid of woodworm. The larvae left by woodworm can significantly damage the structural timbers of your home. With there being multiple types of insects that cause this kind of damage, it is essential you contact us as soon as you notice it, so the insects can be identified and dealt with effectively. Our skilled pest control technicians will perform specialised treatments based on your home or furniture to eliminate infestations. We will also supply a guarantee to our woodworm treatments for complete peace of mind. Make Terminate Pest Control your first choice for getting rid of pests in Cornwall and Brighton.

How To Get Rid Of Woodworm

Want to know how to get rid of woodworm? It is not an easy task and is best left to the professionals. Our expert technicians can identify the pests infesting your furniture or property structure, so it can be dealt with effectively. There are a few tell-tale signs that your wood is infested, the most obvious sign including the small round holes that appear on wooden beams and floorboards, and a fine powder called ‘frass’. Other tell-tale signs include insects emerging from holes and crumbling wood. If you notice any of these changes in your wood, it is essential you have it checked as soon as possible, so you can get the woodworm properly removed. This will also prevent expensive future repairs and control.

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Woodworm Treatments

Here at Terminate Pest Control, we use woodworm treatments that effectively get rid of pest problems in various buildings, of all ages and scales. With our highly experienced technicians, you can rest assured we will offer durable solutions.

Woodworm Treatment Cost

If you are concerned about woodworm treatment cost, come to Terminate Pest Control for long-lasting and affordably priced pest treatments. While the treatment cost depends on the extent of the infestation, we aim to keep prices competitive.

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Contact us today if you are concerned about pests in your home or premises. We will be able to perform a comprehensive site survey and propose the most effective insect removal methods. Whether you are in Cornwall or Brighton, come to us for fast results.