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Pest Control for Restaurants and Retailers

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Pests are not only annoying; they can cause many illnesses for customers and staff of restaurants and retail shops. They can set back a business’s reputation in the blink of an eye, so dealing with them and putting preventative measures in place is the best course of action. We will show the most common pests to affect this type of business and how they can be dealt with before they become a major issue. We are the best pest control for restaurants and retailers.

Why Pests Are A Hazard For Food Safety

Pests are a major issue in the food industry, they can make their way into food stores and contaminate the food stuffs and make them inedible and damage equipment. This can be a major setback for any business. Pests can also spread disease through their droppings, urine and salvia, they include some harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. this will make customers and staff very ill if ingested.

The Main Food Pests

Categorized into four main pest groups are rats, mice, birds and insects. These main food pests are lured by the chances of a free meal. None of these groups are fussy when it comes to what they eat and when they can find a hidden shelter they will thrive. All of the above can be managed by have a detailed commercial pest control plan in place and dealing with any of them promptly is key.

Food Contamination

Each group of pests contaminates food in different ways and knowing the signs will help you to notice them before they become a major, costly problem: –

  • Rats and Mice- These pests will eat anything, including gnawing on electrical cables and appliances. Watch out for droppings, squeaks, gnawing and the trail of their oily fur.
  • Insects- This group is varied, and you may not notice their effects straight away: –
  • Cockroaches will generally appear at night, so can be difficult to spot. Your will notice droppings, skin cases and egg cases probably before you see them. They are not fussy eaters, so make sure you inspect all areas in the battle against them.
  • Flies breed in heat and will probably be the most viewed pest. Keep food covered and ensure you all areas are regularly cleaned.
  • Ants though annoying, they can also invade food storage areas, professional pest controls can find their source and deal with them quickly.

Food Pest Control Cornwall

Are you in need of food pest control in Cornwall? Terminate Pest Control offers affordable, effective and professional pest management services to eliminate pests from your home or business. With branches in Cornwall and Brighton, our expert pest technicians offer a fast response to your pest problems. Whether you are suffering from an infestation of bed bugs, rodents, insects or need bird control, we can help.