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How To Humanely Control Pests & Rodents

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Pest control for rodents can be an arduous task, especially if you’re trying to do it humanely. If you appreciate the value of avoiding causing unnecessary harm to wildlife, even during an infestation, then we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help. By following these simple steps you could rid your home of nuisance pests without killing a single one.


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Step One: Clean Your Property Thoroughly

The first step in the control of rodents and other pest is to clean your home thoroughly. Insects, rats, mice and other pests are attracted to old food, smells and warmth. Two of these aspects can be solved by ensuring there’s no unnecessary dirt or attractants in your home.

Leaving unwashed dishes and old food or unsealed food in the cupboards can be an invitation to all rodents in the area to tuck in. Simply purchase some basic cleaning supplies and give your house a good scrub along with discarding or storing all food items securely.

Step Two: Seal Any Entrances

Now that your home is lovely and clean, you can start carrying out preventative pest control measures to stop rodents from finding their way in. Quite often, rodents will use your roofline and cavities to squeeze their way in. You can prevent this by investigating the interior and exterior of your building to look for potential entrances.

These are often identifiable by rodent droppings, and clear signs of foot traffic or scratches. Expanding foam is a great way to seal these areas whilst also helping to improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

Step Three: Place Traps For Rodents & Pest Control

The next step is to hedge your bets with a few humane traps. These cages attract rodents without killing them, so you can release them far away to remove you pest problem. These traps are also a great way to find out if you’ve been successful in covering your entry points.

An ideal scenario is the traps don’t ever get used, this way you know all rodents have been successfully evacuated. Additionally, it’s a good way to capture any remaining rodents that may now have become stuck inside your home since blocking the entrances.

Step Four: Check Your Property & Traps Regularly

Pest control traps for rodents aren’t a one-time thing. They should be maintained for a few weeks, if not months and be regularly checked. This is to release any captured critters and ensure they aren’t trapped for too long without water or food. Once a day is advisable, depending on the severity of your infestation. However, once every two days should also suffice.

Step Five: Release Your Rodents

Finally, this is an ongoing last stage. You need to regularly release any rodents you capture as part of pest control measures. The humane traps are only effective if regularly checked, monitored and maintained. If you do happen to catch a few mice or rats, then you should drive a decent distance away from your home to release them.

We recommend at least two miles to avoid any possibility of the rodents returning to your property. From here, they will lead happy lives without causing a nuisance.

Contact Terminate Pest Control For Rodents

If your infestation has gotten out of control, and you can no longer stay on top of it, then contact the experts. At Terminate, we’re fully trained and experienced to handle all kinds of pest problems. Not only this, but we have the equipment and knowledge to practice a variety of effective techniques to keep your home rodent and pest free.