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Heatwave Pest Prevention Tips Cornwall

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With the extremely high temperatures we have had here at Terminate Pest Control, we are always exceptionally busy with insect calls. We’ve come up with some heatwave pest prevention tips to help reduce the stress of dealing with fleas, ants, flies, bees, wasps and hornets this summer.


Feeding on the blood of animals, fleas can be picked up by your pets and brought into your home. They will live in the carpet and only leave to feed, soon returning to this environment as it most resembles grass so you should vacuum regularly. Keep pet bedding clean by washing it once a week and check your pet often especially if they go outside a lot. Bites are more commonly noticed around the lower leg, so keep an eye out!


Ants will frequently enter homes foraging for food, particularly sweet substances. While they are not a risk to health, they can be present in large enough numbers to be a nuisance. Ants often come from several nests so locating one nest and destroying it will have a limited effect on the problem.

With ants, prevention is the best method of control. Clearing up food waste straight away and ensuring any pet food debris is also cleared away in a timely manner. Food should be stored in sealable containers. Any entry points around doors or windows should be sealed.


There are 110 families of Flies with over a 1,000,000 types of fly species worldwide. House flies are common worldwide. The larvae (maggots) feed on rotting organic material or on faeces. Adult flies will travel miles to feed, mate and lay eggs. They are disease carriers and will spoil food as well as being a general nuisance in homes.

Prevention is also one of the better methods of control. Either by closing doors and windows at night or installing fly screens – especially around kitchens and bin areas. Cover food and clear up any spillages or debris, this will limit food sources. Keep water butts covered and if you have a pond introduce fish that will feed on any larvae.

Wasps, bees and hornets

If a wasp nest is not treated it will eventually die out, which is great, right? No. Before it dies, the nest will produce at least 100 fertile Queens that will hibernate and start their own nests the following year. Nests will get larger until the Autumn; and this is when they are at their most aggressive and most likely to sting people.

Prevention is better than reaction. We recommend checking for nests in your loft, garden, sheds and under eaves in springtime. At that time of year, they will be the size of a golf ball and are easier to treat. If you notice wasps randomly appearing within your home this can be a sign of a wasp nest in the loft. To prevent them coming from the outside, keep doors and windows closed or invest in a mesh curtain.

Terminate Pest Control Cornwall

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