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Getting Rid Of Flies

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Flies are more common in warmer months and although they are mainly just an inconvenient annoyance, they can become a pest that requires control by a rigorous professional service. On average a flies life cycle is 10 -30 day and eggs will be laid in standing water or a food source. Knowing when you need to contact a expert fly pest control service is crucial.

Can You Stop Flies Yourself?

Cleaning is the best way to keep flies under control. Ensuring food debris and any waste, they see as food, cleared away as soon as possible. Don’t forget outside areas too, humidity and a source of water will attract flies. If it has got to the point that you are distressed by the level of flies and you feel it has got out of hand, it’s time to contact an expert fly control service.

Professional Flies Pest Control

Flies spread disease, cause annoyance and their breeding results in maggots. A professional fly control service will treat the affected area with a residual insecticide spray, this spray will kill the flies as they land and will be affective for up to 2-3 weeks.

Here at Terminate Pest Control we pride ourselves on dealing with any pest and give an expert service to our customers, all at a competitive price.

Fly Control Service Cornwall

If you have a fly control issue in Cornwall contact us for a fast response service. We can terminate flies from both commercial and residential properties, and we guarantee results.

Our fly control services meet rigorous health and safety regulations, so for complete peace of mind, contact Terminate Pest Control today.