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Common Household Pests Cornwall

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At Terminate Pest Control, we have encountered all kinds of common pests in Cornwall. This post is to give you more knowledge on what we often find in properties, so you know what to look out for if you think you are experiencing problems. If you do find an infestation or need any pest control issues sorting, give our team a call.

Rodent Infestations

The most common month for rodent infestation to occur is in winter when they are trying to find somewhere to nest and keep out of the cold. Rats or mice hide in dark places that they have noticed to be untouched for a while – which is the reason why infestations can often be unnoticed and get out of hand. They cause huge fire hazards by chewing dry wall and phone wires, as well as carrying diseases like salmonella. Things to look out for to catch them are as follows:

  • Scratch or gnaw marks on skirting boards, walls or furniture
  • Droppings
  • Holes or burrowing appearing around the property
  • A damp, musky smell around certain areas

Winter Spiders

Another household pest that likes to move in with us in colder months are spiders, but luckily these are easy to spot by their webs. Although it is extremely uncommon to find dangerous spiders in Cornwall and the UK in general, they are still a very unwanted guest. The best way to prevent them getting there in the first place is to ensure your house is clean from bugs and tidy so they have nothing to hide under!

Cockroach Issues

During hot and cold months, cockroach issues are always apparent. They are not the most common pest of them all but when they do appear, it is more than likely that they will come in their hundreds. They are attracted to warmth and once comfortable, they multiply very quickly so it is key that you catch them as soon as you can and call us today. Signs to look out for are:

  • Shed skin – they do this up to 8 times before they are adults
  • Smudge marks on skirting boards or the bottom of walls
  • Droppings
  • Flying Insects

The most common flying insects are cluster flies, wasps and hornets. Like rodents, these make nests in undisturbed areas such as trees or even inside walls and attics. Custer flies hibernate during colder months which means you many do not know they are there until they all emerge around the same time, which isn’t an enjoyable experience. Be sure to check in wall cavities, bird boxes or sheds if you hear or see an unusual amount of these insects.

Terminate Pest Control

If you are experiencing any issues with infestations or would like professionals to inspect your property, come to us at Terminate Pest Control. Our services are always affective so you can have peace of mind that the issue is dealt with, so give out friendly team a call today.